Project America!

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted, it’s been pretty damned busy for me lately. Job change and lots of changes at home what with the seasons changing.

I did manage to think long and hard about my allied army though. What with the Kelowna tournament finished, I felt it was time to really commit to an allied force so that people weren’t forced to play blue because I was playing black. At first I thought that I was going to upgrade my British force to Late War and play them but what with the new Blood, Guts & Glory book out and the truly horrid paint job on my desert-themed British, I was loathe to take the time to strip them and paint them again.

So in the end I decided to go with Americans. I like their versatility. We only have one regular player of Americans in our club, so I figured that it was either them or Soviets (gasp. The thought of all that painting!) because British were pretty well represented in our gang.

I think the Americans are interesting because of their presence in the D-Day campaigns, the sheer production capacity that enabled them to secure their position as a world super power in the post-war era as well as the decision to wait until later in the war to join.

So this is the first post for “Project America.” Every week I shall commit to at least 1 post showcasing the work that I have made on my American army.

So far I have collected 2 boxes of Armored Rifle Platoons, 1 box of M18 Hellcat Tank Destroyers along with the Security Detail (VERY excited about those!), a box of Shermans and an Armored Rifle Command Section.

I’m starting the long task of assembly so I can start field testing lists. Later this week I’ll cover the M18 Hellcat boxed set.

2 thoughts on “Project America!”

  1. We might have to make a race out of it since I am now redoing my Lehr and have finished the first platoons half tracks!

    I will post some pictures tomorrow or Thursday.

    1. Hah hah. Deal! I just finished assembling my Hellcats this morning. Great kits! Come with the rare earth magnets too.

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