28th Maori


   I was able to complete my 28th Maori, New Zealand Rifle Company in time to take to the Kelowna Tournament where they were able to take best overall! It is a massive company for 1750 points of Confident Veteran, tough as nails troops.

There are 10 Maori 25 pounders, 3 Bofors with transport, 3 full Maori platoons with Sticky bombs, 2 with Pioneer add ons, 2 3″ mortars with PIAT upgrade, 2 6 pounder AT guns, 3 Universal carriers (2 with .5 cal MG and one with a PIAT launcher), a AOP and limited Kittyhawk support. The HQ is also joined by a sniper hiding under a blown out truck I might add. 😉

All in all I am very pleased with the army and it has been playing incredibly well for me. I am going to give it a second tournament run in May at the Saskatoon tournament.



photocrati gallery

3 thoughts on “28th Maori”

  1. There we go, I got the photo gallery working now so that you can see the close up shots.

    @ Glen, Thanks man. I love having a turn counter, I find it just makes everything easier. I used to use them all the time when I used to play Warhammer as well. They are a pretty easy addition to the army that makes everything just come together.

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