Flames of War Kelowna 2012 Tournament

imageThis weekend we had a really big group of us from the Calgary R.E.G.I.M.E.N.T. meet up in Kelowna for the local group’s 2012 annual Flames of War tournament. 7 of us came up, most of us in Howard’s ‘War Van’ but we even had one of us fly in, so we had a good chunk of us representing Calgary.

There was also folks from Kamloops (I had the chance to play 2 of them) and the rest were local boys.

Calgary did quite well for ourselves, taking home the Best Overall and Best General awards! Brad just rocked his opponents with his British Maoris (I know because he well and thoroughly trounced my Panzerspah in the second round! 6-1 for Brad!) and took Best Overall and Geoff apparently had a pretty awesome day with his British Tines and Tees and took home Best General.

I was pretty pleased with how I did myself, earning a 5-2 win against a Tankovy horde in the first round but got destroyed by Brad’s artillery as I bogged my Pumas in a fjord crossing in the second round but made up for it by killing a British Indian Infantry Company almost to a man in the third round.

Now that I’ve had some good familiarity with the rules and the scenarios, I’d have to say that the Panzerspah tends to do best in the No Retreat and Cauldron scenarios. Breakthrough I can pull a win, but usually only if I do some heavy flanking maneuvers. A Recce list really shines in Cauldron!

King Tiger guards the Nazi Observation Post

With the tournament over I already find myself looking towards the next project. I am quite eager to get into a campaign with the club and want to start to focus on my allied forces.

It’s a big debate for me, which allied forces to focus on. I’ve already got a decent amount of British mid-war forces (bolstered by a box of Grants I won at the tournament), but they are mid-war, desert and I’m not in love with the paint scheme.

The Americans are also attractive for me because Blood, Guts and Glory is poised to come out any day now and our club seems to have a sad lack of regular Tank Company players, so I’d really like to represent some tank companies. The new rules for the Jumbo Shermans and the 76s look really fricken cool too. So I think I’ll wait until we decide exactly what campaign we are going to do and then I’ll make a decision as to what my allied force shall be.

HUGE thanks to Glen and his wife for organizing and running the tournament! Having run my fair share of tournaments in the past, I know how thankless that job can be and the effort that Glen put into creating a truly epic amount of price support (Seriously! Almost half of the prizes were boxed sets!), amazing trophies and a great venue was obvious. Thanks a lot, Glen!

3 thoughts on “Flames of War Kelowna 2012 Tournament”

  1. It was great having you all over to play. Count on us making the trip to Calgary for whatever you guys plan in the future.

    Calgary kicked butt.
    Going to have to administer more beatings to the locals!

    1. Such an awesome tourney! Great time for sure! I am still shocked I pulled off the Best Overall, I thought for sure I was running for General but wasn’t sure if my painting and sportsmanship was up to taking the whole tourney!

      I think I have to thank the great guys I have been training with, practicing games where sportsmanship is the most important aspect certainly helped. I also spent quite a bit of time converting my bases to create diorama’s with all of my units which probably helped in the painting department.

      Living on Cloud nine for sure!

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