What Is Your Artillery “Why”?

Artillery BarrageThis month we will be continuing on the topic of artillery but from one of the other REGIMENT club members. This month is brought to you by Igor P.

After Bradford’s recent post on the artillery’s special rules, I felt that there is a need for a more general post about it’s use. It is prompted by what I see as lack of framework, which would allow to see picture as a whole without overly focusing on details.

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July Painting Competition Winner!

Winner: Chris G and his King Tigers!

July Winner 2 (Chris G)

This Month we have a platoon of Kings rolling through! Chris G did an excellent job this month! Not only did he paint some beautiful King Tiger tanks but he also expanded his painting skill set. He had never done the ambush camo or tried pin washes before and so with that it was a great choice for a winner!

July Winner (Chris G)The commander looks great as well. Take a look at him keeping watch as his platoon of armoured beasts advances! Pretty impressive atop his massive King Tiger at the head of 3. Chris uses these most often as part of his Devils Charge Pipers list. Probably some of the meanest King Tigers in the game in my opinion. Fearless Trained is just nasty!

Runner Up: Igor P and his Soviet armoured train!

July Runner up (Igor P)However, I believe it must be mentioned that Igor P did a great job as the REGIMENT expanded its presence on the railways. In addition to the two German BP44s we now have a captured Polish train in service of the Soviet forces!

Thanks to everyone and see you next month!

Thank you to all participants in July! The August competition is already underway! Hope to see even more submissions in August. As always lets get those back logs painted and see some more great miniatures guys! If you aren’t a member and want to join to be a part of the painting competitions then talk to an officer now! (I am one)

August rules are here

August submissions can be posted here

Wehrmacht Rain

Russland-Mitte/Süd, Panzerhaubitze "Hummel"Bring on the Wehrmacht! As we go into our final nation specific look into artillery I knew I had to picture the Hummel for our Germans. I personally love the Hummel and they make it into almost all of my lists that can take them. I do have to admit that I am biased though since I play Wiking SS and they have the best Hummels in the game! Who doesn’t love artillery that cannot be pinned, fires as if it were Veteran and has protected ammo and AA MGs to help protect itself. These guys have provided more kills for me than nearly any other single platoon.  However, this isn’t about my Wiking SS tactics (though I am already thinking that might be a future post now) so lets look at German artillery as a whole.

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June Painting Competition Winner

June WinnerIf you haven’t been following the thread in the forums than this picture may not be the dead giveaway that it is for others. As I am sure you have guessed this is the winner of our June painting competition! A big congratulations to all participants, there was some truly great modeling and painting that came in this month! In the end I chose these 8-rads by Kyle Bordage, club member and local store owner of Imaginary Wars where the REGIMENT club is based. One of the reasons I chose these 8-rads was in large part for the wheels actually. I find that people hate painting wheels, especially myself and it tends to be a part of the model that I am hoping people wont look at. However, Kyle had done a great job with these and the wheels really stood out to me. Great work! He also did the camo with a brush stippling rather than airbrush,  which was an interesting change of pace. I still prefer the airbrush myself but it was nice to see someone trying something different and in terms of painting skill it might be more skillful to do it with a brush than an airbrush. All in all a great job Kyle!

June Runner Up (Chris G)I did want to mention the runner up who I had a really hard time choosing between. Truthfully all of the submissions were great but ultimately, for me anyway, it came down to Kyle’s 8-rads and Chris’ Hind helicopters. In the end I was hoping that the cock-pits of the Hind’s would have had a little more which combined with the wheels on the 8-rads was what brought me to the conclusion of a winner. However, great job to Chris as well!

Thank you to all participants in June and the July competition is already underway! Hope to see even more submissions in July. I know I will be submitting as Howard / ExGGFG will be doing the judging this month. Lets get those back logs painted and see some more great miniatures guys! Kyle be sure to ask Howard or myself for you prize when we see you at IW next. If you aren’t a member and want to join to be a part of the painting competitions then talk to an officer (I am one) now!

July rules are here

July submissions can be posted here

A final note about structure for the blog. I will be submitting the next tactics article mid month from now on so that the painting competition can get the spot light at the beginning of the month.

I also should let those of you who don’t know that we welcomed the newest member of my family, little Isabella at the beginning of June. This is why I was distracted from getting the tactics article for June out. Thanks for your patience and pay attention to mid July for the German installment of our artillery specialization section!

Introducing Monthly Painting Competitions

Screen shot 2014-02-21 at 1.24.11 PMIt is about time! At least that is my thoughts. We have tossed around this idea for a long time and we seriously needed to get things organized. Well that day has finally come and we have our first painting competition for REGIMENT club members. Now you might be saying why does that matter to me if I am not a member, well you can still see and comment on the painting you see. We will also include some open competitions that will be open to the public as well as club members. Not to mention we will announce the winner on the blog every month so you can see the painting and hopefully be inspired too!

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